From: "Care2 Groups: Florida Panther Lovers and Supporters Mailing List"
Date: 2006/12/26 Tue AM 01:29:03 EST

Florida Panther Lovers and Supporters
What You Can Do To Save The Panther

1. Become informed by researching materials from creditable sources which take a scientific approach.

2. Regularly express your support for the Florida panther by writing political figures and agency administrators.

3. Help others become educated about the nature and habits of the panther and its value as an important part in the balance of nature.

4. Support wilderness land acquisition, and the public and private land management practices which emphasize biodiversity and balance.

5. Don't be silent, join in and support the environmental education process to raise the consciousness of the community. You can do this by individual effort and/or by joining with others in various ways to get the job done.

6. Do a school project on the Florida Panther

7. Make wildlife a family affair. Display panther bumper stickers. Visit national and state parks where the panther lives. Watch TV programs about endangered species.

8. Attend public meetings on panther issues. The decisions that affect endangered species are made in these forums. Make sure your voice is heard.

9. Speak out every chance you get. Awareness is half the battle. Tell everyone you can about the plight of the panther.

As with most conservation issues, the struggle of the panther goes beyond the question of whether it is worth saving this particular species. If our wilderness can't support panthers, then many other less visible species also will perish. Let's all do what we can to ensure that future generations will know this beautiful animal and the wilderness it symbolizes.

Note: Much of the information and research on this site is courtesy of both the Florida Panther Net ( and The Panther Society. Our deep felt thanks goes to them for their tireless efforts to ensure the panther's survival by educating us all.

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