About Us

As mentioned on the home page, we are a small family run, rescue kennel for Siberian huskies in central Florida (Haines City, FL). We have worked as dog rescuers for over 20 years on our own with no funds. In addition, we participate in numerous advocacy campaigns for dogs and many other animals.

We are in this for the Siberian husky, and every penny we get goes directly to the dogs. They need new homes, blankets, food bowls, of course food, etc. Due to our love for the Siberian husky, we have decided to breed once or twice per year to help families who for legit reasons cannot take a rescued Sibe. They are bred for temperament, quality and their unique beauty, and very careful planning goes into each litter. We will follow the goals stated on our home page and maintain a very small breeding program primarily to enhance the breed. However, the proceeds will go 100% towards more rescued Sibes, and we mean it. We also follow the guidelines mandated by the AKC as our breeding Sibes are all AKC registered. We stand by our 3-year health replacement guarantee as detailed in our questionnaire/contract covering hip dysplasia, eyes for blindness, and any other life-threatening genetic defect.

Where We Live
We live on an acre and a half fenced-in acre of land in sunny Florida where our huskies can exercise. When we supervise them, they have the use of the entire fenced-in area; however, our kennels/runs are on grassy areas that are a minimum of 20 ft. by 42 ft. per Sibe, and we only have a couple of cement kennels for any rescue that likes to dig himself out of other areas; these are no longer in use as all our dogs go in and out of the house at all times. Our Sibes are part of our pack, and we form strong bonds with them because they live most of the time inside. Our puppies are born inside our home too.

What  You Should Know about Siberian Huskies
We hope to bring many years of joy to families who adopt one or more of our recued adults or precious puppies. However, we will spend time with you to make sure you are able to handle Siberian huskies. They are beautiful animals that require lots of attention from their owners to feel a part of a pack; if they don't or if they are given an escape route, they would run away due to their curious nature and their own history. That's why it is recommended to always keep them on a leash.

They also jump high fences requiring a six-foot fence to keep them in any yard. Many of them love to talk, and they are not good as guard dogs because they love everyone. One of the reasons why we decided to rescue huskies in Florida was the amount of them that have been lost or abandoned here due to owner misunderstanding. We are almost sure that many people who end up abandoning huskies originally lacked the proper education to keep them in the first place. 

Our Promise to You
In fact, owning a Siberian husky is a life time commitment for the duration of his/her life, and we are willing and able to take back any husky adopted from us or any that needs to be relinquished for any reason. We promise to support you throughout the life of your adopted Sibes.

We do not sell to brokers or pet stores!

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